Most game-changing ideas start with a simple question, “is there a better way to do this?”

That’s exactly where The Cake Professionals came from.

Starting our own luxury cake business in 2015 was a vertical learning curve. There were parts that we loved (the clients, the creativity, the variety…) but parts we loved not so much (isolation, not knowing where to get help, getting paid...).

We felt the need for connection, wisdom, support. Then when we spoke to other cake makers we found they felt the same.  That planted the idea that there was a better way to do this whole cake thing.

So, we took a deep breath and in February 2019 we created The Cake Professionals. It’s aim is pretty simple:  help cake makers thrive and cake businesses flourish through events and services that really help.

We started with our first Conference in April 2019,  followed by The Cake Professionals Awards in Sept 2019 - and there’s something very exciting in the oven for 2020.