Overall Awards FAQs

Why are you charging for entry? We would love to be able to do it for free but to run the awards properly is expensive eg. cash prizes, awards software to allow online entries, staff to run it all etc. We have kept the cost as low as we can and there are discounts for multiple entries…and your first cake entry is free between Sept 1st -30th.

How does this award differ from other awards? There are other awards out there in the wedding industry and there are awards in the cake world. This award is unique in that it is specifically for cake businesses in the UK, it covers all categories of commercial cake styles and it is for real cakes.

Can I enter a cake that I make after Sept 1st?

Yes you can! Entries are open from Sept 1st but if you make an awesome cake all the way up to Nov 30th, take a picture and enter it in.