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29th April 2019


The Cake Professionals Conference


On Monday 29th April we’re holding the first ever Cake Professionals Conference.

This is something we’ve talked about a LOT. For years.

A place to be understood, to grow in business, to meet other cakers who get it, and to have time to connect, laugh and learn together.

We got fed up listening to ourselves wishing, and so now there’s a date in the diary.

It’s the 29th of April. A Monday. […before the onslaught of May Bank Holidays and the summer season.]

There will be 150 tickets (because crowds are exciting, but conversations are better). We won’t be adding more spaces. At all. So if you’re thinking of coming, get your ticket soon.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.


What to expect at the conference

The conference is a day full of time to connect with fellow cake makers, learn from business experts and even get a free massage.

You can see the full schedule of the day by going to our Conference Schedule page.

You can also see the details of the workshops on our Workshops page.


Key Note Speaker

Rosalind Miller


Rosalind Miller

It was a trip to New York’s famous Magnolia Bakery in 2005 that inspired Rosalind Miller to start baking and decorating cupcakes. Alongside her role as a lecturer in design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Rosalind set up a weekend market stall in Greenwich to sell her creations. Huge queues and happy customers soon showed her that she should develop her talents further, and Rosalind Miller Cakes was born.

Our Experts


Heather white

Communication Coach

The hard truth about networking is that if your contacts don’t ‘get’ you they can’t help you. Networking is about building a strong network of contacts who understand you and are willing to recommend you when the moment arises. It is also about caring for those in your network and being of service if you are able.

For the last 18 years, using a very down to earth and practical approach, Heather has helped people to communicate their roles, strengths and value more confidently and to engage more both internally and externally to promote better communication, encourage business relationships and improve career progression.

Heather has worked for the likes of KPMG, BAE and Motorola.


Matt inwood

Instagram Guru

Matt Inwood is an art director and designer with a great passion for Instagram and phone photography. He’s worked with some of the country’s best chefs (including one of its very best pastry chefs), foodies and food photographers and fully understands the power of Instagram as a marketing and communication tool, but also loves the way the app enhances how people think and create in the world of food. Matt has worked with many brands and individuals to create content exclusively for their Instagram accounts, and with nearly twenty years of working in cookbook publishing, has been around the world of food and foodies for a long time.


Emily Fawell

Nutrition Expert

Emily is a Registered Nutritionist who takes her practical nutrition and wellbeing advice to busy workers, to help them optimise their health. Her engaging, jargon-free seminars demonstrate how important nutrition is for great health. Emily retrained from a successful career in Marketing for a FTSE 100 company because she had personal experience of the power of nutrition to turn around health. 2019 will be her tenth year in practice and she's as passionate about food as medicine as at the start of her nutrition journey.



This is something we have been thinking of for a long time.

There’s nothing like being with people who get what you do. Not feeling quite so alone in it. It’s like oxygen. Like coming up for air. Problem is, it doesn’t happen often.

This is a rare chance to sit down and talk, face to face with other cakers.  It’s crazy that we haven’t done this before.

There’s another reason, a big one. We want to get better at this business of baking. Actually making it work. As small business owners, we’re continually learning, looking for ways to make our businesses successful whilst not forgetting to keep ourselves fuelled as human beings. The juggle is real. Together we’ll learn better and grow healthier than alone.

This is where this urge to get together came from.

Creating a space to breathe, to gather, as business folk. It seems like a pretty great idea all round.


Who is it for?

You make money from the world of cake. Simple as that.

You don’t need awards, a cake empire, or to be in a magazine. All grafters welcome.

You’re a cake maker, cake school owner, cake supply company, crazy cake product inventor.

You want to grow your business.

You want to step out of isolation and meet other people who run cake businesses of all shapes and sizes.

You’re ready to learn from each other, and fellow experts in small business.

You’re open to change, conversation, and community.


The Details


The Madejski Stadium Conference Centre, Reading, Berkshire, UK.


There will be good food, expert speakers, and a choice of workshops to scratch particular business itches. There will be time and space to connect with people who genuinely understand the challenges of small business in the cake world. There will also be massage therapists. Yes, you read that right.

There will be no trade stands, no sales pitches, no competitions, and no demos. You’re welcome.



This includes delicious food and drinks throughout the day, expert speakers, a workshop to dive deeper into one of three business topics, an inspiring keynote speaker, and an informative panel of industry leaders to grill at the end of the day. Your hosts for the day will be Christine & Phil Jensen of Peboryon (also known from Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Makers). Parking is also included.

The day begins with registration at 9am and ends at 4:30pm ish.