Conference FAQ’s:

Is it going to be worth it? It’s an investment of your precious time and hard earned money, so that’s a great question. If you know of someone who’s previously attended, why not message them and ask for their expert opinion. There’s nothing like hearing it from another caker.

Do I need to bring anything? Just yourself. If you’re a note taker, bring a pen. If you’re a business card type, bring those. Your phone will likely be forgotten at the bottom of a bag throughout. We prefer it that way. It means we can focus on what’s real.

What should I wear? It’s a day for your business and investing in yourself. There’s no need for your chef’s whites or any kind of work related clothes. Just bring your business self. If we had to choose a lable ‘Smart casual’ seems about right.

Help! I’m coming on my own! Well hello there brave one! You’re not alone, there’s more than one of you! Besides that, you’ll be welcomed by a team of friendly people who’re good at introductions. Have no fear. You’ll be part of the furniture in no time!

I’d like to stay over, where is available? It depends where you stay. If you book in advance you can have 1 night at Reading Whitley Travelodge for £25, or 2 nights for 1 (or 2) people for £60. Alternatively, 3 can share for 2 nights for £36 each. Bargin!

If you want a little luxury, (and to be essentially in the same building as the Conference and Awards), the Millenium Madejski Hotel is around £90 + VAT per night (or half that if you come with a friend, and less if you become a Millenium member).

 Reading is a long way from me. Us too! Last year we had cake makers and suppliers fly in from Scotland, and this year we’ll have a visitor from Spain too. Do you know anyone else near you who’s thinking of coming? Road trips are always better with more!

Who are the speakers? All the speakers details are on the speakers page. Enjoy!

Why aren’t more cake people doing talks and workshops? It’s deliberate. This isn’t a cake show. Sometimes in business we need the people who’ve put in the hours in their speciality to be advising us on our next best step.  Up to date SEO experts and accountants with their fingers on the pulse. Sporting legends at the forefront of competition speaking into that zone. Also, it helps us all listen better if we’re not distracted by assumptions.

Is it REALLY a no sales zone? Yup. No sales. No trade stands. No product. If someone dares to try and sell you something, you have our permission to stop them dead. You’re not a customer today.

What’s this I heard about a breakfast thing? Ah yes, our low key, we-stayed-over-and-would-like-to-hang-out-and-chat-some-more breakfast! Happening in the Millenium Hotel on Tuesday the 3rd of March. Not too stupidly early. More details to follow nearer the time!