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The Morning


9:00 - 9:45 Hello!

Registration, refreshments, (re)connect with fellow cakers. Please remember to bring your business cards for easy info-swapping with new cake friends!

9:45 - Learning from the best: talks & workshops

Our time together begins with 3 brilliant business experts. Masters in their fields.  Each speaker will share nuggets from their hard earned wisdom and give practical insight to boost our business understanding. 

We’ll then dive deep into our topical workshops with the speakers we’ve just heard. These workshops are practical learning experiences for business shaping results. All three workshops will run at the same time. Ticket holders will have the chance to SELECT ONE workshop in advance.

  • How To Not Be Invisible - Maddy Jones

    Say goodbye to invisibility and hello to being noticed for all the right reasons! Maddy's a leading authority in getting our talents noticed through savvy website know-how. She’s bringing sparkle and sense to the tech stuff we all need to get a handle on.

  • Don’t Forget Your Seatbelt - Jo Tall

    Terms & Conditions are your businesses safety-belt. But are they ready for a cake emergency? Jo's a lovely legal expert (who speaks in English!). She'll take us through how to avoid the pitfalls and get them right.

  • The Secret Life Of Customers - Tom Answer

What makes someone buy or walk away? Tom's a master sales consultant and trainer. His thought provoking, challenging approach will make us revisit how we understand our customers to win more sales.

Read more about our speakers here.

12:00 Lunch!

Great food, refreshments, and a chance to connect (& reconnect) with fellow industry friends over food.


The Afternoon


1:00 - Coaching Intensives (A bit like circuit training, only not so sweaty)

There are 3 rounds in 1 hour. They last 20 minutes each. There are more than 8 topic options to select from. (Like we said, it's intense!)

This year we have both Table Top Intensives. Each 20 minute coaching intensive is chock full of real business knowledge. After a whirlwind outline of the key issues, its open season for questions and honest conversations. The intensives provide the perfect opportunity for in-depth close quarter discussions with professionals who have lived, worked, and breathed their stuff. They should probably all wear capes. This after lunch session is a chance to get a real grip on topics that can have a huge and lasting impact on your business.

We’ll be releasing a full list of intensives closer to the time but until then here’s a taste…

  • 20% of your money back - understanding the power of VAT

  • Cracking consultations - tips for making every consultation a success.

  • Competitive advantage - using competitions to grow your business

  • ...and many more being finalised...

Ticket holders, you can pre-book your places when the full list is published. We'll try our best to accommodate everyone’s first choices, but that may not always be possible.

2:15 - Tales of the Unexpected: Christine & Phil

2:30 - Build your Brave: Dr Ginnie Betts

The hardest battles in business are with ourselves. But there are ways that we can build our brave.

Ginnie’s a special kind of remarkable. Having never set foot on a paddle board, as a mum of 3 boys, at the age of 41, a pregnant lady said “you should do that”, so she did. she got her first board. A few years later she came 9th in the world for team GB. She’ll share powerful life lessons from that journey to help you break new ground in your business. Find out more here.

3:15 - Afternoon Break - refuel, refresh, re-load your curiosity.

3:30 - Business Panel: The P word

Pricing. Need we say more? The P word is one of the most talked about topics in the world of cake. This will no doubt be a lively panel discussion of industry leaders from a variety of types of cake businesses, with a chance to submit your burning questions in advance! Show no mercy, ask what you will, they’re not called hot seats for nothing!

  • Alan Young (Cake Supplies)

  • David Brice (CAKEFLIX)

  • some more fabulous people we can’t tell you about yet!

4:15 - Wrap up - with a few surprises

4:30 - Intentional Loitering

There’s no need to rush away. At the end of the day there will be plenty of time to talk with your new found cake tribe… before heading off to get your sparkles on for...

...the first ever The Cake Professional Awards! (more on that coming soon!)

With huge thanks to Cake Stuff who have sponsored the day, and last year’s pioneers who've shaped it!